This site provides resources for  driving school education and the wonderful world of Metaphysics. It’s dedicated in helping those who are in search of truth and the willingness to learn to change their life’s to a better place in this beautiful planet called Earth, our HOME. Originally this blog was set-up for Noel personal use and self-development, but as it grew so did his contacts with other people of similar nature and personalities came together, ‘Birds of a feather flocks together

ADI Noel Christopher

ADI Noel Christopher

Noel Christopher is a Grade 6 (Grade A) approved driving instructor.

He is a specialised driving instructor for helping nervous drivers and phobia related driving fear. He uses a unique simple methods which can be incorporated for practical driving lessons and it works.

The company operates in East London and Essex with some of his best driving instructors who have achieved a grade 5 or 6 with more then 10 years in the driving school industry.

Noel has achieved the highest grade awarded by the DVSA Driving Standard Agency. The DVSA conducts all driving test in UK.

There are about 45,000 driving instructors in the UK, only 6% are Grade 6, Noel is one of those top 6%.

Noel has over 20 years (1997)’ experience in adult education and driver training industry as an instructor and a coach. Noel’s high standard in coaching learner drivers and driving instructors alike, gives a win – win success all round.

Noel is also a qualified NVQ assessor and now he is currently learning Neuro–linguistic programming (NLP) to become a practitioner. This is in aid of helping learners and driving instructors to achieve what they want without fear.

In his spare time Noel coaches people how to defeat driving test fears. Noel also runs a free charitable service which helps’ people to overcome diabetes, and weight loss without the weight coming back, using what is known as food for Gods.

Noel believes by providing this service to mankind he achieves the greatest reward for self.

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Mobile: 079 60 95 27 03


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