Driving Lesson in London Borough of Newham

Driving School for London Borough of Newham E13 East London with a Grade 6 Driving Instructor Noel Christopher.

He is a full time Driving Instructor in Newham East London since year 2000.

With so many successful students passing their driving test, both young and matured people from all walk of life’s no wonder his feedback reflex on the type of services he provides. Click here for student testimonials

Driving school for Newham provides hourly and intensive driving lessons with a Grade 6 Driving Instructor throughout the London boroughs like Newham.

DSA approved Driving instructor in Newham, Grade 6 ADI Mr Noel Christopher take pride on the commitment to developing your driving skills during your driving lessons. So you have the very best knowledge, understanding and the practical skills required to pass the UK driving test as soon as possible.

  • Beginners driving lessons in Newham

Drivers who have no driving experience or just have some driving skills. Great offers for new customers like buy one get one free offers. Please call for latest deals or click here

  • Intensive driving lessons in Newham

Intensive driving lessons or crash courses driving lessons are for clients who want to complete their driving lessons within a short period of time. These courses are very popular with both young and matured students of all ages.

Most of your driving lessons will be around the test routes like Wanstead – Barking and Goodmayes. These courses are designed for people who have passed their theory test and wish to take their driving test at the end of the courses.

Courses are:

  1. 1 Day driving lessons – 6 hours with breaks every 2 hours
  1. 5 Days driving lessons – 1 week from Monday to Friday
  1. 10 Days driving lessons – 2 weeks from Monday to Friday

Please call for latest price list

  • Assessment driving lessons inNewham

Assessment driving lessons are for client’s who have driving experience and wants to brush-up on their driving skills before taking the driving test. Who is it for:

  1. Overseas divers with at least 1 year driving experience
  1. Have experience in UK roads
  1. Taking the driving test again after failing
  1. Court order to re-take the driving test
  1. Court order for Extended driving test

The driving instructor will evaluate your current driving skills in around the London borough of Newham and provide you at the end of the driving lesson with the Driving Test Report DL25A for debrief of the outcome and advice. What improvements to be made if any, and the number of hours needed to get to the minimum standard required by the DSA for car practical driving test.

This assessment is for 1.5 – 2 hours depending on your circumstances.
Please call for assessment booking

Student testimonialI would like to share with all of you my experience of learning to drive in the East London with the Noel’s driving school.

The choice of instructors is abundant out there, yet it is luck and a word of mouth that help “Learners” to choose the right teacher.

Starting from February, I have began to learn driving under a strict supervision of Noel. It may seem that 4 months of dedicated efforts is a long time to learn driving, however, to be able to drive a car on the streets of London requires a good level of preparation and dedication to acquire the required set of skills.

We need a good guidance in areas that we lack knowledge or practice. A combination of technical and social skills, devotion to his work and therefore students, make Noel one the best driving instructors available on the market.

If you are weighing up the options of who to choose from a list, I would not hesitate a moment, but recommend to opt for Noel. His professional and dedicated approach to work, highly developed social skills make him a real asset to the new comer !

Miss Aziza – Commercial finance bank manger driving school for Docklands

Refresher driving lessons in Newham

Ideal for newly, out of touch qualified drivers or drivers from overseas need to gain some experiences before going on the UK roads. Driving lessons are for 2 hours and will drive from your local area in quiet side roads to main and busy roads like shopping centres. Some of the driving lessons will be during peak hours and off peak hours. Dual-carriageway and Motorway driving are optional.

Driving lessons for Nervous drivers in Newham

This course is only with an experience driving instructors with many years of dealing with clients who need that special touch and the ability to communicate with nervous drivers. This phobia is more common than anticipate by the general public. Normally only a Grade 6 driving instructors are used for this type of driving lessons.

Learning with the best always pays and can save you money in the long run. Just as buying goods from £1 shop and comparing it with Mark and Spencer or comparing the local University to Cambridge University.

Learning with an Grade 6 Driving Instructors is not the same as with any other Grade’s
“Did you know there are only about 5% Grade 6 driving instructors out of 50,000” click here for more info

About Noel Christopher

I am a qualified GRADE 6 Approved Driving Instructor. My Driving School is called www.ldriver.co.uk operating in East London and Essex since year 2000. Teacher in ICT, Lecturer in Teacher Training - 7407 and NVQ Assessor(A1). Born in India Madras, brought up in Singapore spent my teen’s in London got married, four children and three pets, yes and a goldfish! This year 2011, I am helping people who have dIabetes, bring like mined liberal people together. To educate the people to understand how to manage and cure. For good cause
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