Robert Bish Testimonial

To all who reads my testimonial.


Robert Bish

So what can I say, first of all I’m not the easiest of people to get along with, as I’m not one for being told or corrected what to do, even thou its for my benefit.

Starting my driving lesson with Noel Christopher driving school was very hard for me as i had previous driving experience, so being corrected was very frustrating and as a result of this i failed my first test.

Returning home on that day Noel gave me something to think about. So i gave
myself a week before phoning Noel back, with a complete reverse
attitude and as a result i passed my second test with just three
minors on this day 26/3/13.

I would like to thank you Noel cause your ability to teach, stay calm, wisdom and experience is 100% and you believe in your tutors which gives you so much more then any driving school out there on the market.

So all the best Noel to you and your
family with all my heart Robert Bish of Dagenham .


About Noel Christopher

I am a qualified GRADE 6 Approved Driving Instructor. My Driving School is called operating in East London and Essex since year 2000. Teacher in ICT, Lecturer in Teacher Training - 7407 and NVQ Assessor(A1). Born in India Madras, brought up in Singapore spent my teen’s in London got married, four children and three pets, yes and a goldfish! This year 2011, I am helping people who have dIabetes, bring like mined liberal people together. To educate the people to understand how to manage and cure. For good cause
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1 Response to Robert Bish Testimonial

  1. Robert it was a great pleasure teaching you from the cockney end of Dagenham (lol).

    Firstly I like to say, your testimonial touched me. You now have the solution to learn whatever you wise. There is a great truth in this saying ‘To know and not to do is not to know” I believe you got it now and well done.

    Yes, it was not easy Robert, but we both came to some mutual agreement. I am glad you saw the truth in yourself and understanding the universal law in learning; “listen to those who have what you want”.

    Drive safe and the very best for the future.
    (Dagenham Driving School)

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