Reversing Around The Corner

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Reversing Around The Corner (PST 3)

Belvedere South London at the DVSA test centre

I met Mr Begum, outside the test centre while our students were on the driving test.

I shall address the driving instructor as Mr Begum and his student as Mrs Sara. The people are really but not their names.

We were discussing about the driving school market and how prices are going down and quality of service is at the lowest.

Mr Begum has over 15 years’ experience as a driving instructor in the East London working for national, local driving school and as an independent instructor. He was quite intrigued, how I got a Grade 6 (advertised on my car Grade 6) on my check test and he asked, “What is the secret.” I smiled and gave some useful tips.

Begum: “My friend, I have been teaching Sara to do the reverse round the corner so many times! She is just not able to grasp the concept. So how do you teach the reverse around the corner to a student who just not able to grasp the idea after so many attempts?”

As he was talking to me I can feel his desire and willingness to learn is high, but not able to find a solution or to discuss it with others so far.

Me: “Well Begum, you both have been trying hard, but there seem to be, lack of understanding and the level of communication.”

“The first step is ask her what she is finding difficult; is it the controls, observation, the fear of doing it wrong and her feelings! Be very understanding and sympathetic when she replies.”

“Here is a method which I have used many times with great success for student like Sara. Do you want to know the technique?”

Begum: “Yes Noel, she also said I can’t remember what to do and when to do it”

In my thoughts I remembered how my 6 years son use to say, “I can’t remember what I did in school” ,until the day when I told him ‘If you keep saying it, soon you will not remember your mother, father and brothers’. He stopped saying it.

Me: “Dig deeper when you see her next, you will be surprised. Ask her, If you can show her a technique so unique you will remember and also overcome fear, will you try it? And be quiet until she speaks. If she says yes, then be firm and tell her we both need to participate and we both should work together, is that ok? Make sure you get a firm reply. To put a smile on her face, make a joke. “It will not cost you any extra money ‘lol.’ “

“Anyway if she has good car controls and observation but not able to remember, here is a simple method”.

The method called ‘BAED:
● B for – Brief it in simple steps
● A for – Ask the pupil to Teach it to you
● E for – Encourage the pupil
● D for – Do it while taking it through

Brief the manoeuvre again by reducing the steps in 3 simple steps. Straight reverse then the point of turn and straight reverse.

Now ask her if she can teach it to you in simple steps. At this point help her at the key stages if needed.

Encourage her as and when appropriate

Ask her to do it using the same technique but talk it through as she does the manoeuvre.

Do the above A – E – D the next time she does the reverse around the corner again

This technique is very powerful tool; it’s used by professional coaches, as the student becomes self-talk instructor. Confident will increase and fear will begin to fade and memory recall will increase, It’s a win, win situation for both of you, you get the satisfaction of teaching it and she get the wow Effect! I call this the driver within you

I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.
Thomas A. Edison

Try this method if it does not work you have not lost anytime and I shall be happy to give you another method a sure fire way to increase in overcoming most obstacle in life. If the method works please give me a feedback it will be most appreciated.”

After about 2 weeks Mr Begum called me on the phone. His voice expressed joy and enthusiasm.

Begum: “Hello Noel how are you?”

Me: “Very well thank you and hope your business is doing well!”

Begum: “Noel its ok. I tried the method and it really does works, she is so happy now. Thank you so much in helping me and your time you spent the other day. Please tell me how I can increase my business?”

So we chatted about 1 hour, how to improve teaching and learning to accommodate different strategies to reach a desired outcome.

Here is a typical driving instructor is willing to change so he may provide a better service and serve his pupils needs.

“Helping other does not necessarily will cost much, only your time but it can have a profound effect on you”

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