Review by Ying Wu for Barking Driving School

Driving lesson review by Ying Wu for Noel Driving School

After many driving lesson and months of training with my previous instructor, I put myself forward for my first driving test.

During a practice session five days before my test, I was forced to swerve after a driver changed lanes from the right at the last minute in front of my car while I was on a high speed bend of a dual carriageway. As a result, I almost hit a car on the left. Having blamed that bad driver, my driving instructor (fake name “Terry”) advised me use the brake gently if a similar situation were to happen again.

I was completely lost for words as to what I had just heard. Firstly, due to the lack of awareness training given to me by Terry, how could I be expected to predict this type of event is about to happen?

Without knowing to cover my brake pedal in an unknown situation, how can I quickly switch my right foot from the gas pedal to the brake pedal? And, more importantly, how can I slow down in a calm way? My training to that point would only lead me to do an emergency stop, which could cause other cars to hit me badly from behind. Naturally, I explained to Terry about all of my fears hoping for further explanations. Disappointedly, he told that I worried too much, and that I was just unlucky to have encountered that situation.

He even told me that I would not be that unlucky during the actual test.

I was still in such a shock when I got home. I couldn’t believe what just happened to me and what I was told afterwards by Terry.

I started to doubt whether I had missed any major learning points. I started to search for my answers independently. The more I researched, the more I was convinced that I hadn’t been taught with the “correct way” of driving. However, by then it was too late to cancel my test for free. By then I had already paid over £1,000 to Terry over a course of 50+ driving lessons during the past 6 months. As expected, I failed my first driving test. But, what I didn’t expect is that I failed so spectacularly.

I had been lead to believe my driving was of a good standard by terry. So I was surprised to have failed even before I moved out the car park at the test centre. I received a staggering 2 serious and 13 minor faults.

This result is a complete contrast to my theory test, from which I received a 100% score. Since Terry sat in the car during the entire test, he again blamed the examiner being too strict. He kept saying how well I did as I managed to pull through the car in the car park without scratching other cars, and I didn’t hit anything or cause any traffic jam. He went on and on. But, by then I had completely lost confidence in him. I knew I had made a serious mistake in hiring Terry to start with.

I am very glad that I have learnt from my mistakes and cut my losses quickly.

I am proud to say that I have found Noel Christopher, a Grade 6 instructor to teach me (less than 6% of them in this country received this top grade). He doest just teach the best driving practise, he teaches with methods and procedures that I can understand as a new driver and gives me confidence that when I do pass I will be safe on the roads with my young daughter in the car. All Terry taught me were the mechanics of how a car works. Noel is teaching me how to drive.

About Noel Christopher

I am a qualified GRADE 6 Approved Driving Instructor. My Driving School is called operating in East London and Essex since year 2000. Teacher in ICT, Lecturer in Teacher Training - 7407 and NVQ Assessor(A1). Born in India Madras, brought up in Singapore spent my teen’s in London got married, four children and three pets, yes and a goldfish! This year 2011, I am helping people who have dIabetes, bring like mined liberal people together. To educate the people to understand how to manage and cure. For good cause
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