Fear of driving by Evelyn Evans-Appiah

Fear and anxiety by Evelyn Evans-Appiah

I passed my driving test in 1981 and drove daily for work and leisure.  I recently developed fear, anxiety and panic attack which made me freeze behind the steering wheel. I stopped driving altogether.  My GP referred me for counselling and I decided to have some driving lessons as well.  I Goggled and found Noel Driving SchoolGrade 6 instructor.  I was fascinated about the grading and contacted him.  I explained to him that I had psychological problems and wanted to know about him and his grading.  The first few minutes of talking to him made me realised that he was the right person for me.  With my own background of health and social care, we were in tune with regards to mutual understanding.

The first three lessons with him, I was panicky and useless and I felt sorry for myself.  But Noel was patient and tried to calm me down.  We kept stopping and he will  tell me a story referring to some incidents, and how to see the world around me.  His coaching was parallel with my therapy sessions.  Noel recommended a book – ‘The Genie Within by Harry Carpenter’.  I have had this book for a week and nearly finished reading it.  Reading the book feels as if someone is talking to me.

Just five driving sessions with Noel, I have overcome my fear and anxiety and my therapist is extremely happy.  I will recommend Noel personally to people who want to learn to drive coupled with some sort of an underlying conditions.  After all they do say ‘ The sweetness of the pudding is in the eating’.  Give Noel Christopher a try and you will not regret it.

Regards – Evelyn

About Noel Christopher

I am a qualified GRADE 6 Approved Driving Instructor. My Driving School is called www.ldriver.co.uk operating in East London and Essex since year 2000. Teacher in ICT, Lecturer in Teacher Training - 7407 and NVQ Assessor(A1). Born in India Madras, brought up in Singapore spent my teen’s in London got married, four children and three pets, yes and a goldfish! This year 2011, I am helping people who have dIabetes, bring like mined liberal people together. To educate the people to understand how to manage and cure. For good cause
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