How to Define A Good Driving Instructor

Defining A Good Driving Instructor.

I began learning how to drive in 2012, and was unsure as to what qualities and techniques define a good instructor.

Even though i was given suggestions from peers, family and friends, I still was not sure whether their techniques or attitude would meet my needs as a beginner learner.

I started learning how to drive with a commercial driving school because I was not really familiar with private independent driving instructors. At the time I felt it was the easiest and most convenient option, as i did not really have to do much researching especially as the company was well know; which I am sure most beginner’s drivers do.

However after failing twice and always feeling uncomfortable in the car I decided that I may need to do more independent research and have a fresh start. Prior to when I first started driving I was not aware of what I expected in a driving instructor, however having had experience the second time round I had more knowledge as to what I feel was needed and what would be beneficial to me.

The price that you’re willing to pay also contributes to the quality of driving lessons you will receive, I personally feel that a good price for driving lessons ranges from around £22.00 to £25.00 per hour. Some cheaper driving schools have hidden costs and may reduce their price to attract customers only. Be warned; before choosing a driving instructor it is very important to do your research, read reviews if they are available and also their pass rates.

When I choose Noel Driving School, a few of the main features that stood out to me were the very good reviews, as well as his ADI teaching being graded at Level 6 by the DVSA, a level which only 6% of driving instructors have received.

Most learners are often nervous when learning how to drive, especially as I would describe myself as one of those individuals.

Due to this it is very helpful and necessary to have a driving instructor who has patience and understanding your needs. Driving instructors who can stay calm and focused during your mistakes but also brief you after to ensure you understand why it was a mistake and how it may effect other road users. Most of all: how to avoid the situation in the first place.

I believe criticism followed by constructive feedback is an effective way of self-evaluation as one becomes to understand the cause and effect.

A good driving instructor also has a lot of experience themselves, both good and bad that have enabled them to become the driver that they are today, it is useful to know how they learnt how to avoid bad habits and situations because their techniques could be something that helps you while learning.

To summaries I find my driving instructor Noel Christopher is an excellent driving Instructor, Teacher and a coach.

By Reka Samuel

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